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Affordable Housing

Effective Building & Construction help our investor clients to fill the growing need for smarter, more affordable housing options. We can show you how there is a strong market for quality homes that breakaway from the traditional detached family home on a large block. This niche is a great opportunity for investors, and is a big need for residents who need non-traditional living quarters.

Sydney’s new policies on affordable housing has birthed this whole new horizon for property investors. There is a need for different types of affordable housing, like Boarding Housing, Group Homes and Manor Homes.

These each offer different opportunities and suit different blocks. We can advise if your property is suitable. If you are looking to invest, we can even advise on choosing a property for this purpose before you purchase.

Group Homes

A group home looks from the street like a typical suburban house. It has four to six bedrooms and is located in a local community. It is important that the location is accessible to services the residents needs. These include family or social support, transport, commercial services, education, medical, employment and recreational facilities.

This new housing option is designed to include people with additional support needs such as challenging behaviours and complex health needs. These residents are from a range of ages and stages of life.

Group homes have disability workers and support staffing them for people who are unable to live independently. They may not be able to live with their family, even with support. Staffing levels vary depending on the residents’ needs at the time.

Group homes help to improve people’s independence. They make it possible for some to live in nearby suburbs, rather than in far away centres

Manor Homes

Manor homes look more like large two storey homes. They actually typically contain four units. They work really well on corner blocks, for increased crossover access for cars. These new homes are a response to housing pressure in fast growing Sydney suburbs. As a new and sought after option, they are a great opportunity for savvy investors.

If you are thinking about choosing a property for an affordable housing project, or if you want to know if your property is suitable, get in touch to set up a meeting. We are glad to talk you through the options of this new in exciting concept. (02) 9613 3353.

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