Commercial-grade finish for office and shop fitouts

Commercial Fitouts

Our team excels at fast delivery of commercial projects. Our skill and professional excellence when building in a commercial setting: (speedy, efficient and always delivering an outstanding finish) are second to none.

Getting what you want

With our wealth of experience, our dedication and our deep well of resources, EBC is a sure bet to deliver exactly what you expect.

We can easily tackle the problem of limited space by using intelligent 3D modelling software, so that you get the most out of every cubic inch!
Always at the ready with a fresh pair of eyes to solve those persistent issues, offer design modifications, make plans safer or even make a space more appealing; EBC has everything we need to give you want you really, really want.

No hard work at all

If you’re looking to renovate or reconstruct an existing building, EBC can easily provide a site inspection in order to find any hidden issues and nip them in the bud before any work begins!
Sure, every pair of hands works hard – but we also make it our business to work smart.

This means that every hour we’re moving forward with the project, not doubling back to fix pop-up issues that could have been avoided. I mean, why not get it done right the first time round?
We save you time. We save you money.

Got a commercial project?

We specialise in building projects fast. We deliver them on time.

When you are fitting out your shop, you cannot afford delays. That’s why Effective Building and Construction are the right choice for you – we don’t delay.

Give us a call to discuss your project. Elie can show you how to have it built on time, and still get the quality finish you need.

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This beautiful industrial style customer fit out was built for a well-established music school, Stormer Music. The fit out captures natural lighting, stunning finishes while creating a stunning environment and space for student to learn, have fun and create memories in. An enormous large high ceiling industrial look open plan area and multiple enclosed rooms for more intimate music lessons, this fit-out is ideal to capture all your needs in one. A beautiful custom designed commercial industrial fit out to capture the true personality of Stormer Music.


Buildings that need to return a profit

Professional commercial fitouts look stunning. They are important to get right because they reinforce your brand, and create an atmosphere that invites people to do business. Whether for a retail store, office environment, or shared corporate space, you won’t regret bringing the Effective Building team on board for your fast-turnaround, elegant-finish project.