Effective Building & Construction currently follow two basic types of contracts, which are:

1. Lump Sum Contracts

  • Fixed Price Tender
  • Negotiated Fixed Price
  • Design and Construct

2. Cost Plus Contracts

  • Traditional Cost Plus ( with the “plus” being either a fixed or percentage fee)
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price (Generally associated with D & C contracts and more often than not including a share of savings arrangement)
  • Target Price ( Generally associated with D & C contracts whereby the agreed Contractors fee is either increased or decreased based on Final Cost)

We are very open to a discussion of a win-win contract for your particular project. We know each project and investor is different. So feel free to ask the questions. It’s just another way that we work differently to builders you may have encountered in the past.

Effective Building & Construction can also negotiate time-based contracts where we must be finished by a certain deadline. When your budget requires the timing to be strict and known, talk to us about contract options. We specialise in finishing projects faster than you thought possible.


Building and Construction Contracts

Effective Building & Construction monitors projects closely to achieve the maximum results for budgeting when using one of the above contracts. All processes used by our highly experienced team of managers and tradesman which include; Senior Construction Managers, Project Managers and Site Managers; are monitored daily by our Director to ensure the right approach is always followed.

At Effective Building & Construction we are more than happy to discuss the procurement of our clients project using any of the alternate contracts referred to above and we are also happy to consider other proposals from our customers.

What makes us different to our competitors is we continue to research new technologies, construction methods and processes to ensure our finished product is unique and not just a copy of another design.