Single Dwellings - New Homes and Major Renovations

Effective Building & Construction has aimed from the very start to be whatever you need. Having worked in the field for over a decade, EBC has collected every tool it takes to get a client from an empty plot of land to the home they pass down to the kids.


You may have blueprints, detailed down to the last powerpoint, or maybe you only have rough ideas- either way, EBC have our own trusted architects, able to give you a second (or first) opinion, suggest modifications or solve those tricky problems you can’t move past. And since we’ve helped so many people, it’s easy for us to take your broad ideas and suggest ways of bringing them to life, without you needing a defined plan. A number of our clients have come to us with nothing in their hand but the deed to the land, and ended up settling into a home they could never have dreamed of. What’s more, we use the latest 3D modelling software to show our clients what their home will look like before a single tool is shifted.

Problem Solving

Another important aspect to any build, which not every construction company can provide, is a site survey. Where most other companies would need to outsource, EBC can provide this service and keep everything in-house. This means that the same team working out the hidden issues on your property is the team tackling them in the build. Saves time, saves miscommunication, saves money.


Finally, when it comes to the team, we have a small army of dedicated, hard working builders and qualified carpenters. Our difference isn’t just our broad range of experience, it’s each and every team member’s passion; we always aim to achieve our agreed time frame, and we never cut corners. From directors to apprentices, when EBC builds your home, you only move in when we would be happy to do the same!

Best Builder

Each area of EBC is headed by an experienced, qualified manager. Everything we oversee comes with insight and aptitude.
When we need to utilise subcontractors to achieve any aspect of a build, we only use tried and trusted professionals, and expect the same quality from a hired hand as our own employees.

Get building today

Luxury dream homes

We can design and construct luxury homes no matter the constraints. We have made all the difficulties of past sites into features. Flood areas, bushfire areas, heritage considerations, steep blocks. None of these are a problem, we have built enviable homes on them all. If you want your Australian dream home that looks great, is built to last, maximises the yard, and feels like home, then you’d be amazed just how fast Effective Building will be handing over the keys to your new place.