Ongoing Maintenance

Sub-floor Ventilation

Ventilation is important to have within your home. Having poor ventilation can lead to some serious health issues. It can create problems such as mould growths, rotting of timbers, warping, etc. The biggest risk is termite infestation, because termites are attracted to moisture. This could cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical ventilation is for high damp problems within your sub-floor and roof void area. We use electrical operated ducting systems to extract fresh air to the damped area to keep it dry.

One example is a kitchen exhaust fan which sucks out the hot air from the room. There are similar systems which we use within the sub-floor area and roof space. These are for when it is not possible to cross ventilate and you want to eliminate the problem.


Ag Line Systems

If you have sub-floor damp related problems, an ag line system is the the first option to consider. The builders usually call this the sub-drainage system. It is an ag line (black semi-pervious pipe with holes and a cloth “sock” over it) buried 300-400mm underground. It removes water from areas that collect or retain surface water or groundwater.

An example is behind a retaining wall. Here the ag line prevents water sitting behind the wall. Without the water behind the wall, mould is much less likely.

We use the ag line to stop water entering the sub-floor area. This then channels the water to drain into the stormwater system.

There are other benefits of having an ag line, such as minimising movements within the building. When building a house ensure your ground levels are falling away from the house rather than towards it. If you don’t, this causes water to make settlement movements, creating cracks.


Gutter Cleaning

If you don’t clean them, gutters will start to rust. Once the rust starts it spreads and in some cases is not repairable. Eucalyptus leave and bird droppings both accelerate the rusting process. We recommend installing gutter guards. This makes life easier for us to clean and the job is much cheaper, safer and quicker for your builders to keep clean.

Why is it important to clean our guttering? Apart from the cost of replacing rusted guttering, the gutter and eaves is what stops the water from puddling around the perimeter of your walls. Without guttering the water will not travel into the stormwater system and away from the house. This trapped water causes the walls to stay damp and mould to appear. Also common is wood rot damaging the surrounding timbers such as the fascia board.

When gutters aren’t maintained and working correctly, it creates an environment perfect for termites.

Heritage Building Repairs

We specialise in repairs where we need to salvage building materials which are hard to find. We have the resources, knowledge and technical skills to undertake and complete the project within the allowed time.

We can match the building materials used in the repair to the materials used in the era of the heritage building.

We work alongside of experienced consultants to ensure the work is approved up to standards.


Efflorescence is the build up of salt on porous material such as brick or concrete. It forms a coating that appears white. It is usually caused by the slow movement of moisture.

It is important to deal with the root cause behind the efflorescence problem before attempting to clean the walls or floors . It is usually faulty drains, faulty waterproofing or high moisture which plays a major role in build up of efflorescence.

For more information about efflorescence and its causes, you can read this helpful Wikipedia entry.

We can take steps to prevent future build up, and then also take care of cleaning the unsightly coating.

Concrete Cancer

Concrete cancer is when the reinforcing steel within the concrete slab starts to corrode. It is from the high moisture contacting exposed reinforcing steel. It creates pressure on the concrete slab causing concrete to crack and or break off. Once identified, concrete cancer repairs should be undertaken immediately. This problem will only escalate the longer you leave it.

We recommend consulting a specialized concrete cancer engineer to report on the scope of repairs to be undertaken.

Quick fixes are not recommended. Don’t be tempted to cosmetically repair the concrete by patching the cracks as this will cause the cancer to spread quicker.

Fire Upgrades & Fire Separation

New laws released relating to new and old building fire rating, must comply to relevant fire safety standards under the occupational safety legislations for employers.

Let us provide you with guidance on the necessary upgrades required for both new and existing buildings, and then carry out the work within the time allocated to ensure your business is still running accordingly.

Rubbish Removal

Leaving rubbish (such as timber and cardboard) from your sub-floor, invites termites into your home. This type of rubbish termite’s ideal source of food.

Removing rubbish from a sub-floor area can be dangerous for someone who is not experienced in crawling under the house.

It is not uncommon for clients to inform us that someone last time required stitches from a cut on an ant cap while under their house. Asbestos is also sometimes dumped under houses, and will often be in pieces. It is important to have the right gear on before entering the sub-floor area.

Building Crack Repairs

We can repair all types of cracks from structural to minor cosmetic crack. It is very important to see the reasons behind the crack. If the crack is a structural problem it is advised a structural engineer be consulted..


Want to add an extra room? Or do you need to underpin a wall to give it extra strength? How about both, we can provide you with a design and construct service which will create more free time for you.

Timber Maintenance

It is important to apply some paint to outdoor timber materials every 3 years as a minimum. This will prevent timber to rot which can cost far more to replace than to paint.

Smoke Alarm Installation

A smoke alarm is the only warning you will receive while everyone around you is fast asleep late at night. Your family comes first, so ensure your smoke alarm is working accordingly and it is in the right place.

Shower Base Leak Seal

Most home owners or business don’t know there shower area is leaking until signs of leaks pop up or mould within the shower screen is growing significantly and by that time, major bathroom renovations will be required. It is also important to eliminate any water leaking into the subfloor area or walls as it will create an excellent termite living environment. Other health issues are related to damp problems which should be looked into, if your bathroom has a damp problem.

Roof Leak Repairs

It is important to check your roof once a year to ensure the roof is water tight, as leaks can cost you a fortune in damages to your furniture, lighting, and can cause your ceiling and walls to bubble. The most important issue with roof leaks is, it can invite termites in an excellent living environment, as they like a damped and wet area to live in.

Termite Damage Repairs

Most builders will not quote repairs as the work could be hidden. We do our work in stages so both parties don’t fall short. We understand the costs involved in termite repairs and break down the jobs we do, in case a client decides to do it them self’s.

Insulation Removal

Many house fires across Sydney are blaming the insulation industry. If you’re not confident with the type of insulation installed in your roof space, please contact us to remove it and install an Australian approved product and the correct fire safety precautions done around your down lights and fans.

Manhole Installation

Ceiling manholes are essential. Not all houses have them. If your house is missing a man hole, this could be lead to inspectors or pest controllers not covering the full extent because they cannot get access. This will all come back to you. It is up to you to ensure adequate entry to sub-floor and roof space so that your house is getting the right inspection or treatment you’re paying for.

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