Heritage Renovation and Granny Flat

Ryde Road Pymble

Proving that heritage can still be a smart investment.

Beautifully updated home and cute granny flat to match.


Heritage listings often seems restrictive, and it certainly adds a task to adhere to requirements, but at the same time it offers opportunity to maintain a beautiful piece of history and update it to be functional and modern. This house could not even be seen from the street it was so overgrown and dilapidated. But it finished with a great streetscape, and a flat in the back so the owner dramatically increased their rental potential.


Size 200m2
Bedrooms 3
Bathrooms 2
Garages 1

Single storey residence on brick piers with a metal roof. We added a sandstone feature at the front as an ode to the time period the original house was built in.

Complying with all the heritage requirements, but still updating this house to a very liveable home.

Granny flat added that is full of light, beautiful timber finishes, compact living at its finest.

This was an investment, so I needed a builder who could work fast. EBC knew the time-frame that was at stake for the overall success of the project, and they did a superb job. My rental return jumped significantly. I am very happy.




Heritage usually scares builders off. Not us. We embraced the challenge of renovating this profitably for our client. Here is the story of a facelift that made the whole street better.

Council Application

The owner had bought this at auction, and wanted to move quickly due to interest payments. We assisted in getting a prompt approval, overcoming bushfire and heritage obstacles in the process.


This site is bush fire prone, so council allowed us to remove trees. They were all replaced with better alternatives for a built up area. You can check if your property can be cleared due to bush fire risk using this tool by the RFS.


Due to rot and damage, most of the cladding and fixtures had to be removed. It was a slightly different demolition process, because we wanted to retain the framing of the heritage building.

Asbestos Removal

The house had some asbestos sheeting in the roof and the cladding. Expert removalists were brought in, and neighbours were advised of the process. Each piece was hosed down and kept wet as it was removed in order to prevent any friable shards from becoming airborne if any cracking occurred.

It is worth knowing in advance if your renovation will encounter asbestos. If you are ever unsure, we can clarify it for you with our asbestos inspection and report.



During excavation for the driveway and the flat we hit rock. Rock is always a challenge, and it is worth taking the time and expense of a geotechnical report so rock can be allowed for in the planning and budgeting.

Still, we were able to resolve it quickly, staying on schedule, and with a minimum of extra cost.


You know it is coming together once it gets to the cladding stage. Here is where the shape of the former house was visible again, and the project began to feel like a home.

Sandstone For Heritage

A sandstone veneer was added to enhance the heritage feel of the home. It fit with the era, and makes a much more presentable investment.

This worked really well, and is a credit to our designer.


The old bathroom was gutted and rewaterproofed.

The new fixtures really bring life to this renovation.


We took the opportunity to repair and enhance the old underground drainage system from the block out to the street.

This helps to future-proof the block from expensive repairs later, and keeps the block less damp than it has been in the past.


After excavation and towards the end of construction, the driveway was made from compacted rock.

This is another fitting design element that matches the heritage feel and enhances the look for this property compared with concrete.

Granny Flat Slab

After the excavation, but before the new driveway, we formed up the slab of the granny flat at the rear of the property. The concrete pour went smoothly, and we were ready to get out of the ground.

Granny Flat Framing

The framing went up quickly, as always with our carpentry team.


The heritage home really started to look the part as the painting was done.

We used a stunning modern mix of charcoals and whites.


To tie the exterior together, and provide separation of the house and the flat, we created a low-maintenance, colourful garden.

The fencing was built to match throughout and the trees that had been removed were replaced.