Major Home Renovation

Hillcrest Avenue Epping

Our client was a discerning real estate agent and developer.

He was pleasantly surprised to finally find builders who stick to time and budget, but don’t skimp on quality.

What this client says about us


We delivered this reno on schedule, much to our client’s surprise. A major overhaul of the internal rooms and walls, this opened up the house and made the inside like new.


Size 120m2
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 3
Garages 2

Two storey brick home with a new lease on life.

Some homes don’t need to be demolished, but can be made like new. THis house no longer feels like it is 20 years old. It is comfortable to live in and rivals newer homes in this part of Greater Sydney.

Bathrooms and kitchens all redone, and the bedrooms now full of light that priceless new feeling.


Elie told me, “The property will be finished in four weeks”. Now, in my past experience, that’s impossible! But he said, “Now, I will show you”.
So every week I come back to look at the property, and the progress is very good. Not only could they finish the property on the deadline, also the quality is VERY good.


Jamie Wu – Developer